by Julius Way

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"Seeds" by Julius Way

released 11th June 2014

See whole album with dance videos here:

I may be making some physical CDs, send a message to request one, they will be available here.


released June 11, 2014

Matthew Adams - Vox/Guitar
Bex Baxter - Vox
Michael Stanton - Piano
Ailsa Hughes - Cello (1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 11)
Francesca Ter-Berg - Cello (7, 8)

Cover Art by Nikhil Kirsh -

Written and produced by Matthew Adams




Julius Way Brighton, UK

Julius Way - Dreamwalking Folk

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Track Name: Yes
My efforts renewed
the glacial heart

I let it run true
tenacious I

My hope is in you
with grateful heart
Track Name: Which Way
here now
you tell me i’m with you
(you’ll) be in a broad view
(to) which way you’ll go

leave now
here in a strong way
toward a new day
to which way you’ll go

set sail
here as a stowaway
leaving the darkness
to which way you’ll go

follow the story
into the glory
to which which way you’ll go
Track Name: Carried
light our way
through the dark
through it all

take us in arms
and I’ll fall in
until then I’m

bound to stay
through their lives

keep us in mind
inside all days
until then I’m...

take our hearts

Track Name: Gathering
i miss anyone
lying ready
I don’t know where
but I’ll find

Now i’m getting lost
come and find me
in the world
where I run

soon, come and I’ll show my way
through someone who’ll hold this gaze
soon come and i’ll bring my edifice here
life ingrained

and we’ll let it run
for all that is
full of love
in your heart

with the setting sun
(we’re) crying ready
and you’ll all
be held in arms

soon, come and I’ll show my way
through someone who’ll hold this gaze
soon come and i’ll bring my edifice here
life ingrained
Track Name: The Water
I’ve been waiting all this time
i’m no longer getting tired
I’ve been waiting in the old
for this dawning to arrive

I’ve been running every life
I’ve been over every time
no more waiting on my own
I’ve been long to get to you

we’re no longer letting be
all that ends and all I dream
we're no longer letting go
of us this reigning in this time

has so long been set in line
hands held open to the skies

I’ll no longer get to hide
from an overspill as life
draws a veil under the known
I’ve been long to get to you
Track Name: Turns
This is a day
for running away
I’m an open story

is this the same
oh please jump in
like we’re going homeward
like I’m going homeward

Another day
come in love again
through the open door in

(is) this the same
as this home where
You started?

Another day and
and i will write
this a thousand times

Another dance and
and i will write
this a thousand times
Track Name: Tawny
how long will i wait
we hide here now
(and) start to begin

farewell, these days
we hide here now
as winter sets in

we hide here now

so long, we stay
behind the light
of the city

another way
un-tow the line
we fall off gently

we hide here now

beyond this day
we turn around
watch over every

How long, will i stay
we hide here now
and we’ll live free

we hide here now
Track Name: Find You
here now
I will find you
here now
I will see you

dark it's
where you’re laying
deep now
hold you within

dear now
I see you’re leaving
here now
I see you’re leaving
Track Name: Unknown
It’s so surprising
you’re unknown to I
You came as easy
as you go

Each time you’re leaving
your pardon do i
each time you leaving
to go

As I forget this
All long gone to I
and I’ll forget you
to know

I see you’re leaving
you’re undone to I
I see you leaving to go
Track Name: Beyond
Dear, beyond my armouring
lays a land untold

up above, high over me
here among the air

see the life inside of me
do you?

take another look at me
reach inside come in

come in
Track Name: Seed
I do see you, hear you

settle down and embrace this hideaway
you know the rest is coming
you’re all the way you little seed

you know you’re next in line
you’ll learn to stand alone
feel your way until I see you